Monday, October 20, 2008

Folkie Dokey

It's very sunny here, with a delicious dollop of irony.

Today's Song/Video of the week is '5 Years Time,' an irresistible gem from UK folk-rock quintet Noah and The Whale.

Imagine a 60s folk-pop nugget with south-of-the border rhythm, new wave irony, whistling, and a fiddle. It's clever as heck, and very endearing.

The group hails from London's Twickenham district and took their name from the director and title of a favorite film, Noah Baumbach's 'The Squid and The Whale,' a wonderful little movie if you ain't seen it yet.. They are very influenced by Belle & Sebastian, who are WAY overdue for a new album following their 2006 masterpiece, 'The Life Pursuit.'

The group's videos are goofy, retro, and wonderful. Here's the one clip of '5 Years Time' that hasn't been dis-embedded by the record company...

Here's their other UK hit single, the equally charming 'Shape of My Heart'...

One more: '2 Bodies 1 Heart'

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