Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Glimpse of a Caribbean Island

Land a-hoy! About 90 minutes after setting sail from La Ceiba on the Northern Coast of Honduras, we catch a glimpse of Utila, the smallest and cheapest of the three Bay Islands..

The Bay Islands, discovered by Columbus in 1502, were fought over and alternatively controlled by Britain, Spain, and Holland. Britain won in 1642 and held the islands until 1860, when Honduras finally got the British to leave. Over 148 years later, the island seem visually and culturally more Caribbean than Latin America...

Here's a map.. We stayed at the tiny island on the left, Utila...

Little did I suspect, sailing into this beautiful harbor, than I was going to have to carry my massive, overweight dufflebag over a mile in the dark to our hotel, dodging minibikes...

Here's the monster, in case you've forgotten... Boy, do I wish I'd packed less!

I don't think were in Kansas anymore...

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