Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Do I dare eat a peach?" - T.S. Eliot, dead poet

This weekend I'm seeing three different friends for a movie and a bite. I haven't bitten anyone in a while....

On The (Blurry) Road Again

So we finally did leave historic Granada, Nicaragua, at dawn's very crack... In this blurry photo you can finally see the volcanoes in the distance - they surround the city from every direction...

A very early breakfast on the road to Honduras. We stopped at Pescafrita Maritza, a truck-driver 'tourist trap' that surely must give kickbacks to the driver of the van we rented for the trip... Pescafrita means fishfry.

We sure got our minimum daily requirement of rice and plantains

Maritza was already surveying the fish that would soon become lunch...

Latin music filled the air, mostly chosen from this pile of CDs...

Much later, having crossed into Honduras, I took this picture in the drenching sun, while stopped at a gas station...

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