Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Rainy Days In Paradise, Pt 2

I'm flying to South America tonight to host a conference in Argentina and Brazil next week. But you've seen that trip seven times since I started this blog in January 2004, so I'll continue with (pre-posted) highlights from my Central American vacation in August. Here's some tropical art at the Ometepe Island hotel, in Lake Nicaragua...

If you must know, this is my 118th foreign trip, my 25th to Brazil, my 20th to Argentinaa, my 40th to South America, my 72nd to Latin America, and my 77th foreign business trip (of which my 29th under the name 'ABN' - they still haven't completed the merger.. Here's a tropical tree in the rain..

Here's some local cuisine served to Matt, a fellow traveller - three very complete fish and 'fries a la french' which are dipped in batter before deep-frying and then in mayonnaise..

Flies are rare in my sanitized urban life, but they abound out in nature. Down in the tropics, it's a rare bowl of sugar without some sort of protective cover, in this case aluminum foil. Dig the groovy pineapple napkin holder...

Much mirth was made of the hotel menu's mangled English, such as 'Wafle con Frutas,' defined as 'Muffles with fruit and local wildbee money'...You couldn't make this stuff up! I thought they were skimpy on the money : -)

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