Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Rainy Days In Paradise, Pt 1

So, eight hours in van and on foot brought us to an idyllic siamese twin of an island in Lake Nicaragua so we could enjoy peace, tranquility, and..... rain..... Two days listening to audiobooks on my iPod in a hammock, punctuated by the staccato of rainfall and an occasional piƱa colada...

On the plus side, we were close to wildlife. This tropical bird eyed my breakfast very closely...

It was a chance to get some laundry done, and to bunk with ants in a cement bungalo..

I liked this map of the area painted on the reception area's outer wall.. Area 276 km2 (106 square miles, the size of Queens), Population 35,000 (like East Meadow, where my I lived from 1969-1977), with two volcanoes..

A hardcover book in Norwegian (title: When I see you) left behind by a tourist is breeding ground for bugs...

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