Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So, let me pick up my Volcano Trail vacation narrative where I left it, on Day 9 of 17, entering the well-preserved colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua. My ears are still stopped up, and this might be allergic in nature - my regular and ear doctors referred me to an ear doctor/allergist whom I'm seeing this morning...

Finally Granada

After seven hours traveling by foot, ferry, tax, van, and 'chicken bus,' we arrived late afternoon in Granada, and quickly fell in love with its pastel-colored colonial buildings and cobblestone streets. Here we are unloading the bus:

Granada afternoon, pedestrian street...

Our Granada welcome dinner was at a lively, hip restaurant with an international menu.. Dig the funky decor...

The food wasn't shabby, either... Here, squid and oysters provide suitably maritime nourishment in a region nestled between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean..

Light run amok: artsy photography or just botched? You be the judge..

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