Monday, October 06, 2008

Seamless Dance Opus

To truly appreciate this week's Song/Video, the anthemic 'Hearts on Fire' by Australian dance-pop-new wave combo Cut Copy, a little historical perspective is helpful.

Way back in the disco era, the genre's true artists often took a 'classical' approach, with an album-long symphony that nods to the concept albums of 70s rock, in which the each piece was not only a stand-alone song but a mixed-in part of the longer work. Donna Summer's producer, Giorgio Moroder, was the sultan of this school, peaking with 'Bad Girls' and the 17-minute 'MacArthur Park Suite.'

While mixed-in DJ albums are commonplace, you seldom see original work in this format. Cut Copy's 'In Ghost Colors' album has 17 songs, and though the genre is similar, each songs shines like a jewel in patterned necklace. Cut Copy are not DJs, they're a real pop-rock band with chops and atmosphere to spare... To be sure, singer/producer Dan Whitford was a Melbourne-based DJ and graphic designer when he recruited some bandmates and hit the road back in 2003...

Here's the rain-drenched 'Hearts on Fire' video, finally found one copy not disabled by their record company...

Their first single, 'Lights and Music,' slowly grew on me - I never suspected it was just the tip of their talented iceberg..

Finally, a fan video for the group's ebullient 'Far Away..'

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