Saturday, September 06, 2008

On The Volcano Trail: The Adventure Begins

As promised, for two weeks I'll walk you through my very pleasant and interesting Central American vacation. Erik and I (pictured below) went with GAP, a great Canadian tour company, and a lovely group of mostly British and Irish twenty-somethings. We began in San Jose, Costa Rica on August 6, and went through Nicaragua and Honduras, finishing in Antigua, Guatemala on August 22.

I flew in late at night, missing a free day in San José. Erik found Costa Rica's capital to be underwhelming. I loved this funky metallic roof over the restaurant across the street from our hotel...

While I'm sure San José has parts worth seeing, it's safe to say that Central America's charm is mostly across its mountainous, volcanic countryside, around its many lakes and along its shores.. Here's the landscape in a sleepy, early-morning blur out the window of our van. On Day 2, we got up early and headed north to the Arenales volcano, a big area for outdoor recreation...

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