Sunday, September 21, 2008

My vacation posts will resume in a week or two, when I'm back from South America, at such point as I'm healthier and rested.. Tomorrow, Song of the Week, and I'll post commentary every day from down under...

Heading for Granada...

No, not that Granada... No, not that one either.. Not in Moorish Spain, not the tiny Caribbean island Reagan invaded, but Nicaragua's best-preserved colonial city, nestled on a double isthmus - between Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua, and between those two volcano-ridge lakes and the Pacific - but not on the Pacific. First, we ferried away from Ometepe Island, glistening in the sun that was so absent during our two-day stay there..

The ferry's outgoing cargo of agro-products, tourist luggage, and cycles.. the locals apparently traded this for toilet paper :-)

Ometepe Island really is two Siamese Twin Volcanos, Concepcion and Madera..

We passed an inbound ferry...

waiting for an odd succession of transportation to Granada...

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