Monday, September 29, 2008

Most Exciting Album Of 2008?

This week's Song/Video of the Week is among the year's most exciting, 'Golden Age,' an irresistible, celebratory tsunami of musicianship from New York's very own TV On The Radio. Their just-released 'Dear Science' album is the best-reviewed new album of 2008 to date, and certainly one of my 2-3 favorites...

It's not easy to categorize the restlessly ambitious TVOTR - into their mix they've poured post-punk, jazz, soul, electro, shoegaze, a cappella and even doo-wop..

The quintet is driven by the plaintive, soulful vocals of Nigerian-born actor-director-singer Tunde Adebimpe and the haunting atmospherics of NY-born guitarist-producer-mix David Andrew Sitek. I've loved them since their first song, the Peter-Gabriel-esque 'Young Liars' from 2003. Guest musicians abound, from glam godfather David Bowie to members of critically acclaimed indie bands such as Blonde Redhead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Antibalas. Check out their website.

Just listen and look... The 'Golden Age' clips underscores that TVOTR's video work is as memorable as their music...

To this day I find TVOTR's 2003 debut, 'Young Liars,' to be compelling, haunting, and cathartic.. Here's lead singer Tunde Adebimpe doing it live, and
nearly unplugged, last year at Glasslands in Brooklyn...

TVOTR's style and composition is very unusual, left-field, but always compelling... Here's 'Dreams' from their first album,,,

Here's a good fan video of another TVOTR classic from 2003, 'Satellite'

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