Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm still ear/throat sick and have a stomach bug, for the seventh week. It starts to feel like 'Cats' - now and forever... :-( Somehow, I have to speak on a panel Wednesday and host a grueling investor conference in Argentina and mostly Brazil the following week. Maybe it will go away by then. Surprise me, fate! In a good way..

Ziplines and Hanging Bridges

The highlight of our stay in Monteverde, Costa Rica was a 'canopy tour' that shot us repeatedly over the treetops, sliding on thick cables called 'ziplines.' Here I am 'in gear' with helmet and a solid steel harness around my waist to clip to the cables..

Here the instructor demonstrates the zipline for us... It was rather exhilirating to shoot across the sky, and trees look groovy from above...

After a dozen zipline rides, there's an optional 'Tarzan swing,' where you can swing on a rope from a platform and yelp. I passed on this.

The 'hanging bridges' are pretty but less exciting than I imagined - I was picturing something more like 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom..'

It's me, on a hanging bridge in Costa Rica!

A view from a (hanging) bridge (of a cloud forest canopy).

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