Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forest Dwellers

The forest-dwelling family consisted of Costa Rican guide, his grandparents, and a few aunts. They prefer to live without electricity in the woods a few miles from La Fortuna village but do own a cell phone, which they charge regularly in town. Our guide would like to preserve this way of life, but is having trouble finding a woman willing to share it with him, which would involve cooking in this kitchen...

and you thought MY old kitchen was primitive... Here's some future dinner.... His grandfather is in his late 90s, but still has a few teeth and is very lucid.

Nice touches: the flag and map of Costa Rica... They may be remote, but they're hardly lost...

More detail: a bowl of ripening fruit, a shelf of ye olde medicine..
Tomorrow, we meet some local wildlife...

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I want to sign up to be his "wife"
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