Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exit Costa Rica, Enter Nicaragua

Here's the charming, low-budget inn where we stayed in Monteverde, run by Nora, a great lady who makes terrific empanadas

We rose at dawn's crack for the long trek from Monteverde, Costa Rica to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua...

Northwestern Costa Rica was an early morning blur through our van window.. But a sunny, verdant blur..

We stopped for breakfast at 8am - we'd been on the road over three hours..

The Costa Rica-Nicaragua border crossing is a very 'old school', non-digital, tedious process that dragged on for two hours..

But we did leave Costa Rica...

and enter Nicaragua... Notice it's only 336 kilometers (210 miles) to the Honduras border - that's probably the shortest way to cross the country. With their thin roads, that's at least a seven hour trip...

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