Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nicaragua, Mon Amour

Well 11 hours of sleep brought me back to life though still trying to shake stubborn cold. This tropical hideaway on Lake Nicaragua isn´t a bad place to relax, though it would be nicer without the rain. Giant parrot-like birds walk on the tables.

Nicaragua is much poorer than Costa Rica, and this was apparent at the border, where Costa Rica border staff are on-line while Nicaraguan border staff sit on benches in the dust. They do charge $8 to enter Nicaragua, and it must be paid in two different places. The whole crossing was quite cumbersome..

Our ferry arrived on Ometepe Island and just missed the bus so we rented a private van and tried to squeeze 15 of us in a vehicle meant for 9. I sat on the floor, and got a two-year old´s view, peaking up out the window at banana leaves...

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