Monday, September 01, 2008

Free Things For Poor People

...and free stunts for bored people. Today's Song/Video of the Week is 'Free Things For Poor People,' a highly likeable, hook-laden chunk of 70s pop-rock from Infadels, a UK indie pop group quintet who were all born long after that decade closed.

I like their way of thinking. On June 17, Infadels marketed this single with gonzo flair by literally throwing thousands of British pounds out the window of a tall office building in Central London as part of 'Free Things Day,' until the crowd overflowed and the police made them stop.

Tireless, the group released 3 albums and logged 300 concerts on 3 continents in less than 3 years. That reminds me of my '50-50-50' idea, on which I shall expound in an upcoming post...

For now, enjoy the very artsy cinematic video clip for 'Free Things...'

The band's earlier work is quite good, though they certainly change styles with each album. One constant is their videos, always creative and out-of-the-box - here's the art-rock 'Jagger 67' from their last album, followed by the urgent dance-rock of 'Can't Get Enough' from their first outing.

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