Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Uniqueness of Buenos Aires

I arrived here late last night, and it's more wintry than Brazil, a brisk 45F at night.. I've walked every corner of this vast yet intimate city, let me share the views, at their finest.. (tomorrow we'll peek at the city's darker corners). But first, the joy of wooden subway cars!
BA 2 - Subway, Still Running in 2005

The city's most impressive rococo building belongs to the water company, Aguas Argentinas, and was built from 1887-1894 by Scandinavian architects - here's a closeup of its beautiful fa├žade, followed by a full frontal view.. A long-lost relative of Paris' Hotel de Ville (City Hall).
BA 14 - Palacio de Aguas closeup
BA 15 - Palacio de Aguas

Avenida Libertador is a very, very wide boulevard-cum-highway, captured here on a typically sun-drenched day...
BA 7 - Avda Libertador

Cartoon du Jour:

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