Wednesday, July 30, 2008

There Will Be Oil

Flying now home am I, we board in an hour and I should touch down 6am NY time Thursday morning, to help end July. Well, the hotel stupid failed failed to wake me on time so I leaped from my slumber at 5am and scurried, unwashed to minijet that spirited us some 250 miles east, to the middle of nowhere.

I am pleased to report that the oil field was a highly photogenic experience.. I took a hundred photos and half a dozen videos which I will no doubt be dribbling out for weeks to come..

Much different than I expected, it was more green fields than desert plain, though the actual drilling sites and treatment plants were major industrial installations. I had to be weighed to get on the minijet, in both directions. My reaction to this number, and the reactions of my peers to theirs, are not suitable for publication...

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