Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pridefest NYC 2008 had its fauna and flora... Lemon tree, very pretty / and the flower, very sweet; / but the fruit of the poor lemon / is impossible to eat..

Til You're Blue In The Face...

More 'Art on the Go' - Sometimes the green dividing strip of Park Avenue becomes a two-way sculpture garden... I loved these non-talking heads.... The artist is Jun Kaneko, a 66-year-old Japan-born, Omaha-based sculptor specializing in large ceramic forms...

What does it all mean? You are getting very sleepy... Kaneko's favorite medium is 'dango,' Japanese for 'dumpling' or 'closed form.'

Cars, taxis, and trucks zip by.. How many of them contemplate the artwork. Probably many, given the often slow speed of NYC traffic...

This one reminds me of my Dad's 'Psychology Today' magazines, with their innovative covers. Many years later, I learned my close friend Christi's Dad helped launch that magazine.... Says Kaneko: 'They're Easter Island-like heads, the size of baby rhinos... or abstract, in giant hollow shapes like lozenges or lima beans.'

All-toge-ther-now (Alltogethernow) . These heads appeared June 21 on Park and 52nd, 53rd, and 54th, where they will remain through October 31.

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