Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I decided not to inflict my photography addiction on the companies we invited to dinner, so.... I couldn't photograph the delicious, tasteful, moderate-portion gourmet feast served this evening at the restaurant of the Emiliano Hotel. 

Complimentary mini-appetizer: Orb of seasoned bread with shredded duck carpaccio in the shape of gefilte fish.

First course: Salad of American Oak-smoked quail with green beans maché and black San Miniato truffle served in almond vinaigrette!

Second course: Pheasant breast stuffed with its liver and heart with pearl bailey risotto and jabuticaba sauce!  Jabuticaba, pictured above, is a dark red tropical citrus delight!   And now, I collapse into unconsciousness....  We can say 'jabuticaba', can't we?

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