Monday, July 07, 2008

Her True Colors Are A Rainbow

With great joy, I give you today's SOTW, Cyndi Lauper's 'Same Ol' Story' an intense, emotional gay dance anthem. What a lovely finishing touch to Pride Month... I always liked her, from Day 1, way back in Spring of '84..

Her pipes and spirit are going strong at 55
, and when she's not busy making great music, she's an ardent supporter of gay rights - this goes way back, gay friends in high school, a lesbian sister.

This lady don't need no studio... Here's Cyndi in DC riffing a-cappella 'Same 'Ol Story' during her 'True Colors '08 Tour', before riffing into 'Time After Time'... And yes, the lyrics do slip by do go 'it's the same old fucking story...'

Perhaps the crowning touch was her appearance this week on 'As The World Turns,' for daytime's first-ever Gay Pride, where she did a little matchmaking to bring back together the show's gay couple, Luke and Noah (pictured at the top...), who have been on the outs. Here she is singing her classic 'True Colors,' a song that's always had special resonance for me and my kind...Mind you, this is As The World Turns - my grandmother watched this show...

Here's Cyndi talking about it all, she's so awesome - and doesn't she look great?

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