Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rich!

a big Happy Birthday to my Cousin Rich, who's off vacationing in Slovenia. Rich is a photographer, photography teacher, rock climber, and all-around great guy!

Around Rio

Just one night and one day in Rio, my umpteenth visit to 'The Marvelous City.' Here's a look at Rio's less-appreciated peripheral wonders... The Charitas Water Station in Niteroi, the adjacent city which plays Oakland to Rio's San Francisco (or Lido to Rio's Venice?)...
Rio 2 - Estação Hidroviária de Charitas - Brasil - by LAMV
Rio 3 - Charitas

I've never been to Petropolis, about 40 miles inland from Rio, up in the cool hills... This was the royal residence when Brazil was an empire, from 1808-1889.. Here's the Imperial Palace..

The Rio-Niteroi bridge is an imposing 8 1/4 miles in length, of which 5 1/2 miles over water. Niteroi was the capital of Rio de Janeiro state, back when Rio de Janeiro was Brazil's capital, which was of course moved to Brasilia the year I was born...

Niteroi's most famous landmark is its futuristic, flying-saucer-like contemporary art museum, built in 1996 by Oscar Niemeyer, the man who designed Brasilia

Cartoon du Jour:

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