Friday, July 11, 2008

The Food Journey: NYC Shows Its Calories

I'm leaving for a week-long business trip to Brazil tonight, but that's tomorrow's post.. Today, our topic hits closer to home. The truth isn't always pretty, but it's better to know, I think. NYC Regulations now require all Chain Restaurants with over 15 outlets nationally to disclose the calorie content, on their menus, of every item. The restaurant owners hate it, but, knowledge is power. Let's see how they're doing! Starbucks, good corporate citizen that it is, was the first to comply...

Poor Starbucks. Every single pastry, cake, and cookie they sell is a 350 calorie plus fat bomb. Their dessert sales have plummetted. But all is not lost: Biscotti are actually only 180 calories and not very fatty. It's on the wrapper, but if I were Starbucks, I'd post a 10-foot sign advertising this....

Jamba Juice remains a reasonable option from a calories standpoint... As my friend Thomas recently pointed out, few diets can compensate the time-worn adage of 'calories in, calories out'...

Subway is not my favorite venue. I find their heroes boring and overstuffed. But there's lighter and heavier fare...

Perky Mexican chain Q'Doba is cagey and only semi-helpful... They give 'calorie ranges' depending on which ingredients you choose, but hold back the information 'per ingredient.' And, you have to go to their
website for tips on keeping the calorie total down...

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