Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Queens Pridefest! - Out In The Old 'Hood

Early Sunday morning I headed out to Jackson Heights, Queens, my home for a decade and a half, to represent Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society at Queens Gay Pride 2008... Here I am waving my Pride flag.

It just wouldn't be gay pride without rings and spirals of rainbow-colored balloons!
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When I lived in Jackson Heights, from 1982-1997, there were no gay parades - of course there were many gay residents, but we felt invisible... No more!!! Thousands of my Queens-based brothers and sisters turned out for a raucous celebration in spectacular weather.. Here, an Argentine-Uruguayn New York gay group prepares to march - that's the Uruguayan flag there on the right, and the Argentine on the left, side by side with the rainbow flag! Their group name, 'Mateando,' refers to a favorite beverage of Argentines, Uruguayans, and Paraguayans, bitter tea in a silver cup, sipped through a silver straw...

Local disco stations WKTU was on hand of course... I saw pink everywhere I looked!

The day's most moving event: the dedication of a street corner to Edgar Garzón, a gay man killed in a hate crime just days before 9/11... City Council speaker Christine Quinn, who is also openly lesbian, unveiled the sign. Garzón's family held his picture as friends and neighbors looked on...

While the parade marched along 37th Ave from 89th St to 74th St, and then up 74th St, I was waiting for them at Pridefest, manning the Sundance table. Many LGBT organizations were out in force, but also many vendors of food, drink, clothing, and knick-knacks... Among the latter group, this piña colada stand takes the prize for best display...

Here, a Muslim vendor of party favors peddles his wares next to the cardboard wastebins donated by a lube manufacturer! New York truly is a melting pot!...

Cartoons du Jour:

Engrish du Jour: Perfect for when you don't score on Saturday night..

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