Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kayaking: The Faraway Nearby

IMG_0042_1It's 15 miles Northwest as the pigeon flies, and 18 minutes from Penn Station by Amtrack.

But as I paddled my arms off among the reeds, marshes, and currents of the Hackensack River, it felt like raw nature....

....albeit with a Manhattan skyline far in the distance. Eight days ago, David and I went kayaking with Sundance, my LGBT outdoors group, on a 'Guided Eco-Paddle.'

I left my camera at the boathouse, but my intrepid fellow Sundancers took many photos and shared them... First, a refresher course in kayak steering and maneuvering.. In the left photo, that's me to the right of the walkway in the green shirt. On the right, we wait to be placed in a kayak and set sail...

Here I am trying to get out of David's way...

Paddle, paddle, paddle... Me again, in my oversized sunglasses. I like the green-colored boats. It matched my shirt!

On the left, we're trying to paddle out of the dock, and I'm in the green boat in the middle. What were the seagulls thinking...
301630061_wVVfQ-S 301635168_xQvCC-S

Our paddle's turn-back point was this bridge. Reeds and transmission towers summarize the juxtaposition of the Hackensack River and Greater New York..

Here's a map to show you our exact location...

Cartoon du Jour:

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