Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Food Journey: Brooklyn Pridefest Street Food

How my Dad use to love the San Gennaro festival, with all sorts of cheap, delicious comfort food, like Italian sausages and zeppole. I was reminded of him last week as I surveyed the food vendors at Brooklyn Pridefest and took photos of food in various stages of preparation. The corn on the cob stand is my favorite:

These Ylandji Dolmas, or Grape Leaves Stuffed Rice, were drippingly greasy with olive oil...

The sausage vendor wanted to know how much I'd pay him for this photo. I then reminded him I'd paid $5 for one of his wretched corn dogs, my breakfast at 9am...

Mexican tacos the way they should be.... Viva el camiĆ³n de tacos! (the taco truck)... I think I had a 'taco al pastor,' with chopped seasoned pork loin..

I've eaten junky food in my time, but not this - way too over the top and kind of gross, I think...

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