Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Community Outreach

..or...'Aaron does Brooklyn Pride.' I spent Saturday at Brooklyn Pridefest 2008 helping spread the good word about Sundance Outdoor, the terrific LGBT outdoors club to which I belong.

Here I am, hosting our table, alongside Prospect Park...

We have groovy promotional materials - I must have handed out 500 postcards and brochures...

The canopy and table were rented from Celestial Canopies, here's our setup and their perky street rep, Angie...
DSC04504 DSC04506

The lighter and more serious faces of Pridefest. On the left, the boys of CheerNYC, a troupe of cheerleader-gymnasts who cheer and perform at charity and gay athletic events. On the right, STD testing While-U-Wait...
DSC04539 DSC04510

Cartoon du Jour:

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