Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is lovely. Thank you, Spoon

The Taco Truck, The Colombia Bus

It only comes out in the evening, and it vanishes with the morning light. It's the Taco Truck, God bless it, parked on W 14th St just east of 8th Avenue, providing excellent, natural, spicy and nutritious snacks for the young, the restless, the club-addled, and the work-stressed...


As you can see these taste treats are yours for just $2 each - two of them is an ample meal on the run. Very much like their Mexico City counterparts, these tacos are served in soft tortillas. The available fillings that define each taco range from chicken to sausage to tongue, lamb, and skirt steak. What are you waiting for, New York? It's the Taco Truck!

I'm no stranger to the Taco Trunk, but the Colombia Bus remains a mystery to me...
I spotted it in Park Slope on Friday, and was intrigued by its neon-decoration and festive goings-on. But where it comes from, I do not know. I did not ask...

My only clue: Toury Chivas of Colombia Inc, 718-267-7764. I'll perhaps investigate this over the weekend when I have more energy.. Unless my loyal readership resolves to clarify the conundrum before then...

Feel its festive Colombian colors, the red, yellow, and blue of its flag....

And away it goes...... a float in search of a parade?

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