Sunday, May 04, 2008

Late O'Clock

I'm up at 2am for no good reason. Around 11:30pm I went to the East Village to wish the Rosenbloom triplets a Happy Birthday, but the venue they chose was mobbed. They did let Bevan come out and get his gift and the Tickle-Me-Elmo piƱata I've been saving for just an occasion (filled to the rafters with gourmet m&ms).

Then I went home and watched the latest episodes of Lost & Battlestar Gallactica, which truly could have waited until after a night of sleep. So I'll try to sleep at least 8 hours now - have my trainer at noon, then I'm hanging with David...

I'll post more later... but, first, a peak at my new kitchen and transformed (but still skeletal) living room...

Monday, er, tomorrow, the contractor will remove all the trash and I can move back the rugs and start to organize and decorate my newly re-engineered space..

Cartoon du Jour:

Engrish du Jour: A Well-Planned Accident...

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