Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Food Journey: Uptown at Acapulco

DSC03559A week ago Sunday I had brunch way uptown, near Broadway and 143rd, at a modest Mexican spot immodestly named Acapulco.

That's Sunil on the right, back from an amazing month in India, land of his ancestors, which he explored north, south, and center!

Among Sunil's many other fine qualities and rare talents, the guy really knows his goat! He ordered the Consommé de Chivo, a hearty, rich concoction that's the light years away from the watery clarity of consommé... Fernando wisely ordered the same..


I couldn't resist the hominy teeth, chicken strands, and sundry vegetables that are Pozole... My huge mistake was added a spoonful of hot green pepper (see top left corner of photo). Bad, bad move, the soup was plenty spicy enough - I had to eat around the pepper pieces...

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