Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Food Journey: Sakura in Park Slope

Welcome to Sakura, on 388 Fifth Avenue, near Sixth St, in lovely Park Slope, the jewel of Brooklyn (it's the neighborhood that's the jewel, though the restaurant was a delight..)

Warm squares of sumptuous tofu...

A trio of savory seaweeds...

Like snow to the Eskimos and chili peppers to the Mexicans, the Japanese must have several dozen words for pickle...

I love this sake decanter with thin primary color stripes...

Now this was VERY special. It's a spring roll of cooked pork, papaya, flavored veggies and sauce, wrapped in a paper-thin casing, to be dipped in the swwet orange-red sauce to the left, and the soy sea of sesame right below it...

I believe this desert, with textures of fruit and Jello, had an almond flavor. I liked it, and I'm no friend of Jello...

Our nearly all vegetarian bacchanalia included this unusual roll of pickled goodies with a touch of horseradish. Pesach roll? : - )

Cartoon du Jour:

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