Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All about Monday's Tegan and Sara concert, with David and Emerson, below, but first a birthday salute...

Happy Birthday, Doug!

A big birthday hug and salute to my good friend Doug, across the waters in London town.. This isn't the best picture of Doug, but it is recent, from a very nice dinner at Rocking Horse Cafe when he was in town last month (see Food Journey April 12 for the menu).

In Doug's honor, here's the song he requested that I use as his ringtone:

Back Into Their Heads

On Monday I saw Tegan and Sara with David and Emerson. This isn't the cozy get-together it sounds like - Tegan and Sara are a musical duo, indie identical twins from Vancouver who are also both lesbians and complicated. We took in their concert at Terminal 5 with about a thousand other adoring fans. Here's the best picture I could get:

Here's a lovely excerpt of Tegan & Sara singing...

Here's some of Tegan's and Sara's tangental but interesting stage banter, captured live by yours truly...

Silhouette singers against a artsy and dramatic background painting:

David, left, bathed in blue light. Emerson, right, nearly whitewashed...
Cartoon du Jour:

Engrish du Jour: There's a place for everything...

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