Monday, April 21, 2008

Retro Heaven

Like rare musical jewels lost in some late-70s/early-80s vault come the songs on the shining debut album of NY-based combo Hercules and Love Affair.

While DJ Andy Butler is the mastermind, it's the emotive, soulful voice of Antony Hegarty that makes these urgent, pulsating retro-disco gems soar into the stratosphere.

This week's Song of the Week is 'Raise Me Up', which weaves its four-minutes spell around your brain, your hips, and your toes.... I like 'Raise' even better than the single, the six-minute 'Blind'

Hegarty is the singer of Antony and the Johnsons, a decidedly non-rhythmic group that specializes in haunting, near-acoustic ballads.

I see know I under-appreciated A and the Js.... ...but... ....the percolating dance grooves are truly the perfect offset to Hegarty's vocal prowess.

Antony is oddly absent from the video of 'Blind,' the current single, in which an innocent girl uneasily confronts sexuality, like a forlorn vestal virgin about to debut at an orgy...

Here's a cute animated fan video of Hercules' 'You Belong,' which uses as its departure point the 1988 club hit 'Good Life' by Inner City..

And, just for good measure, the decidedly low budget 1988 video of 'Good Life,' the dawn of techno, from the basement clubs of detroit, but filmed here on the streets of London town..

Cartoon du Jour:

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