Monday, April 07, 2008

Oracular Spectacular!

What a neat album title from MGMT (pronounced 'management'), the source of today's Song/Video of the Week. (...though Prince once said that any great album title deserves a great song by the same name, which they didn't do here...)

'Time to Pretend' is THE song of the moment in music-lover circles, chock-full of squiggly vocal and synth hooks, a wistful but muscular outsider fantasy of fame..

Based in Brooklyn, this duo formed at Wesleyan during their freshman year and are now poised, I hope, for a major crossover success now that Sony has signed them to a four-album contract...

The endlessly clever video of "Time to Pretend" 's been disabled on YouTube by Sony Records... :-( ...but they forgot to disable their OTHER great video, 'Kids', immediately below, and after that you can watch them perform 'Time to Pretend' live on Letterman:

Great album cover, too:

Cartoon du Jour:

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