Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Food Journey: Chennai Garden

Way below, some kitchen-overhaul chaos. But first: a fortnight back, I feasted with David and his friends Jennifer & Daniel at two standout eateries: the fabu-vegetarian Chennai Garden on East 28th between Lex and 3rd, and the exposed brick late dessert comfort of Raffaela's, right by me on 9th Avenue and 21st.

What a luscious Chennai starter salad, spicy and tangy, with tamarind, yogurt, and green sauces dueling over garbanzos and their ilk:

These veggie dipping appetizers, though more commonplace, were fried to perfection... love the aqua dinnerware!

It's the main event.. Dhosa! Dhosa! Dhosa with me - the crispy pancake-shaped outside, the spiced potato & vegetable inside, the sauces, the white perfection of rice...

Peanut-coconut garnish concotion is quite irresistable... David chose a non-dhosa main dish, equally delectable...

David and Jennifer left, Daniel right.. for those who say I don't post enough of people...

Raffaela's pictures coming soon... Back to the kitchen project.. Here's what my living room looked like this week as Dan the contractor/designer painted it with the kitchen...

Displaced living room items compounded the clutter that is my bedroom...

But yesterday, paint job done, counter top installed, I began to see the gleaming kitchen at the end of the tunnel.. I'll show you THAT tomorrow..

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