Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Enjoy this hilarious comedy/music clip, 'It's Business Time,' by Flight of the Conchords...

Time Flies Like An Arrow

DSC03634Fruit flies like a banana - Groucho Marx.

I miss the weekend already, though I am happy my kitchen is coming together. I had two lovely brunches (locally with Carlos and up in Hamilton Heights with Fernando & Sunil) and Saturday night was Q'Doba (pronounced Kyoo-doe-bah) and that Abu Graihb documentary, 'Standard Operating Procedure,' which I hope to review on Friday...

Here I am, at left, having latte and biscotti while chatting with Fernando.

Sunil, Fernando's boyfriend, is back from a month-long epic passage to India. I heard all about it Sunday. I can't wait to see the photos....

And here are Fernando and Sunil. We had brunch at 'Acapulco,' a Mexican place on Broadway between 143rd & 144th... We spoke Spanish with the staff and ate hearty, healthy and authentic fare, which I shall feature in an upcoming Food Journey segment...

You need not fear the Great North. On the West Side, up above 125th St, I found only vintage architecture, green spaces, community, landmarks, and surprising spacious streets popping up here and there, defying The Grid... Here's Fernando in St Nicholas' Park..

Fernando's great comment, passing this public works project: 'They sure got Spitzer's name off there in a hurry!' : - ) Our new governor, David Patterson, is becoming a personal hero to me... His legal blindness has been a non-issue throughout decades in law and politics. Fernando said that an auditorium full of blind children listened to him take the oath, showing them what they, too, could aspire to....

Remember this artsy shot of Mexico City's Torre Mayor from last year - see Sunday's post for more on the topic...

Cartoon du Jour:

Engrish du Jour: That's My Philosophy!

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