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..meet my magician, my secret weapon: Sasha...

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I once bought a book about clutter, which is now part of the clutter in my bookshelves... One great suggestion I found therein: if you're holding on to something, say a torn t-shirt or a giant rock, because of a memory, take a picture of it, keep the memory, and throw it away. And that's what I did with this hopelessly bulky stuffed lobster I got five years back while vacationing in Maine with Erik...

But even Thomas, the self-proclaimed 'king of de-cluttering,' saved this Bugs Bunny doll, a replica of his inseparable childhood companion...

Thomas is now on a bus with his boyfriend Vagner, somewhere between São Paulo and Buenos Aires, a distance of 1,056 as the crow flies. But Brazilian buses do not fly like crows. In addition, Thomas planned a detour over to romantic, spectacular Iguazu Falls on the westernmost edge of the Brazil-Argentina border, not far from Paraguay...

I spent both of my honeymoons at Iguazu, which was lovely both times, though I think it best to choose a different destination assuming, as I am, that I get 'third-time lucky...'

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