Saturday, March 01, 2008

Last night's St. Vincent concert at Bowery Ballroom was AWESOME - pics later this week.

Before that, we all had a scrumptuous dinner at Havana Chelsea, an unassuming Cuban eatery four blocks from me that I'd never given a moment's thought to...

Today I'm off to Cornwall Bridge in NW Connecticut to visit my friends the Wiskes...

Power Station

DSC02535No, no, not the 80s cheese-dance-rock Duran Duran spin-off!

I'm talking about a real, live, spanking-new gas-fired thermoelectric plant I toured in the Dominican Republic three weeks ago...

Here's a side view as we began our tour....

This plant, named Andres, just like my first boyfriend, has its own natural gas port, which unloads the ultra frigid (350F below zero) liquid natural gas, and pipes into to a re-gasification and storage facility, which feeds and fuels the thermoelectric generator...

Here's the pipe carrying the liquid natural gas...

Full frontal generator:

It takes a substation to move this power bounty out of the plant and into the country's transmission system - it does this mostly by stepping down the voltage...

A worker bee performing some essential function with that doo-dad..

'Do you know.. where you're going to?,' sang Diana Ross once - here's a sign that tells you, in plain Spanish..

And so ends our tour... Now, our Cartoons du Jour:

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