Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Thomas!

A warm salute to my pal Thomas, who marks this milestone in the glow of love and in the sweet autumnal light of Buenos Aires... Yesterday was the birthday of his boyfriend Vagner. Feliz Anniversario, Vaniguinho!

Good Day Sunshine

Distilled happiness!

That's what I offer you via today's Song/Video of the Week, 'Good Day' by the melodic delightful quintet from Ann Arbor known as Tally Hall (pictured left).

'Good Day,' like the Beatles on Abbey Road, is several complementary songs that shift and shimmy through 3 1/2 joyous minutes.

Just listen and watch!

Their album, recorded and released in 2005 on a shoestring budget, gets its proper major label debut this week on Atlantic Records.
Thank you John Wiske for digging up this gem.

Another great Tally Hall song and video is 'Banana Man':

Cartoon du Jour:

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