Sunday, March 09, 2008

DSC02759DSC02767Rain poured hard yesterday, but happy I was. Hung with David (far left) & Alex, watched 'Lost,' met Steve N (near left) to 'Dutchess of Langeais' (review later ) at the IFC Center (ex-Waverly, where I foolishly took my parents to see a John Waters film on Father's Day). Then Steve & I dined at the tranquil, tasty and tasteful French Roast.

The Food Journey: Bogotá Juices & Empanadas

Many hundreds of fruits are edible by humans, but how many of us regularly eat more than half a dozen kinds? To remedy this, you can fly to Colombia, or, if you can't squeeze it in to your schedule, join the Frutarian Society. I was lucky enough to be in Colombia two weeks ago:

Pictured above, I believe, are glasses of feijoa, a pulpy, decidely non-sweet fruit about the size and consistency of a kiwi. This subdued flavor and rich texture were the perfect accompaniment to the crusty, fried beef empanadas served during the afternoon break of the Colombian investor conference I hosted on February 25.

We further seasoned these scrumptuous snacks with a cold sauce that was mildly spicy but nonetheless cool and refreshing... A squeeze of lemon offset the results very nicely...

I took some feijoa juice and empanadas back to my seat at the conference table...

That morning, fruit juices served included freshly squeezed mango plus this chalky, milky-white fruit shake I never did identify... Any suggestions?

A whole cart of juicy freshness.... I passed on these cheese doo-dads that accompanied this yellow and white refreshment...

Cartoons du Jour:

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