Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Horrors! I loved having a dry cleaner in my building, but.. Beleaguered by sprialing rent increases, he was forced to close his doors. 'This is our last time,' he told me. I've heard those words before... : - ) Below, paradise shuttered...

I shuddered at the impending inconvenience. For a while, the dry cleaner was scrambling to find a nearby location and keep his clients. He couldn't find one, so he sent us two blocks away to his brother-in-law on 21st St near 8th Ave. The service there is equally good. Whew!

Last morning I noticed this sign. My old dry cleaner did find a new place, a mile away in Greenwich Village. Starting from scratch is also hard to do...

Travel Boy Meets His Match

My Thursday business dinner guest, Joe Bormann from Fitch Ratings, bowled me over when I realized that he, too, tracks his business trips in an Excel spreadsheet. He has certainly surpassed my 113 lifetime foreign trips. He's also outdistanced my Latin by-country visits (he's been in Mexico 33 times vs by 27, in Brazil 28 times vs my 22). He were are at Buddakhan, with and without glasses...


Cartoon du Jour:

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