Saturday, February 23, 2008

What Was In The Cakes?

Three delicious cakes from Dean & DeLuca were served at the 3-Cake Birthday party I threw Feb 2 for myself, Sunil, and David. Several people have asked what those scrumptious creations were made of. Today, I reveal that to you!

On the left, the 'Almond Apricot Cake' is an almond cake lightly kissed with Grand Marnier, with apricot preserves, white chocolate butter cream on the sides, and a ring of honey toasted almonds on top. In the middle, the 'Busy Bee Cake' is a made of bittersweet chocolate mousse covered with marzipan and more bittersweet chocolate. Finally, on the right, the 'Queen D' cake has layers of hazelnut cake brushed with a hint of kahlua, and filled with mocha butter cream, raspberry preserves, and yet more bittersweet chocolate.
And here we are, cutting the aforementioned cakes...

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