Friday, February 15, 2008

What Film?

Friday is mostly Current Film Review Day, but I've been so busy traveling I'm fresh out films. So instead, some great pictures from my Dominican Republic trip. But first, an addendum from Denis. The farcical, buffoonish 'Delusions of Grandeur,' which we discussed Sunday, parodies a source of high pedigree: Victor Hugo's tragic drama 'Ruy Blas.'

Now, on with the show!

Austere public building in the Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial, the historic district dating back to the 1500s...

The city's morning and evening newspapers are cutthroat competitors, engaged here in a battle of signage on a sunny street corner...

Woman in Blue, Zona Colonial... Susan Sontag is not happy, somewhere...

Pan out over Santo Domingo's more upscale areas...

A tangle of palm trees, and are those storm clouds approaching?

Cartoon du Jour:

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