Wednesday, February 13, 2008

See My Mexi-Galleria

It's yesterday afternoon, and my flight home's leaving 3 hours late.. I bought my way into the AAdmiral's Club, and was hoping to share D.R. pictures or AAdmiral AArt, but their computer says 'no flash drive access, buddy boy.' So, I'll regale you with colorful art and decor from my recent Mexican trip:

At Estoril restaurant in Mexico City's posh west side... That's Bevan's head...

Post-modern corproate fa├žade in Santa Fe, a slice of Mexico City sprawl that's like an exurb, but within the city limits...

Courtyard of the Quinta Real, the lavish barroque colonial-style Monterrey hotel where we slept a few hours between a late flight and an early breakfast meeting:

Ceiling fresco of the Quinta Real's opulent lobby suggests a pre-fab, Mexi-styled Sistene Chapel....

Cartoon du Jour:

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