Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our Big, Super Furry Evening

Last Friday I went with David to see Welsh indie pop meisters Super Furry Animals, play in Williamsburg. We went 'Into the Night,' to quote a current Furries album track. A cab ride to across the river and up the streets, and then a long walk up the windy street, toward the river. Here's a pictorial chronicle of our musical evening. Way down at the bottom, you too can hear the Furries play live...

As we walked, David mentioned that the new album by 'A Place to Bury Strangers' was hard to get into. Suddenly, a guy in front of us turned around and asked 'Did you say 'A Place to Bury Strangers'?' Uh-oh. He was their manager, but he was cool, and said the band's forthcoming material will be a step forward. He also told of the difficulty of crossing borders with boxes that say 'A Place to Bury Strangers'...At last we reached the venue: Music Hall of Williamsburg, formerly NorthSix, is on North 6th St. 'Music Hall' sounds so formal, like it was part of BAM. But we love the art-deco marquis..

The warm-up band, Canada's 'Holy Fuck,' are hard to describe - some fusion of prog rock and electronica, with jazzy meandering and propulsive beats. The band hunched over a plethora of instruments, some of which the band surely invented...

We liked Holy Fuck, but we came for the Furries, who soon took the stage for a 20-song set, including the highlights of their decade-long career and most of their excellent latest album, 'Hey Venus'. Here's Gruff Rhys, mastermind of the Furries, who sings lead and writes all the material...

Audience participation: Gruff asked us to make antlers with our fingers to create the perfect acoustics for an instrumental interlude....

For one song, Gruff put on this bizarre helmet, and held the microphone to his eye. Ah, these eccentric Welsh musicians...

No pretending to leave, only for audience to beg for an encore. The Furries played a generous set, and Gruff held up this sign to signal the Ende...

A fellow bandmember had his own goodbye message, in German - it means 'stay true to yourselves'

And here are Furries, live, to sing you their recent single 'Show Your Hand'...

And for good measure, here's warm up act Holy Fuck playing their symphonic 'Lovely Allen'....

Paul Lynde Snappy Answer of the Day:

Q: Paul, what profession is the most common for prostitutes after they retire?
Lynde: Smuggling.

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