Monday, February 25, 2008

If I Could See Bogotá

What would I see? This panoramic city view from Mt. Monserrate?
Bogota - Panorama
I'm in Colombia hosting a marathon all-day conference with 10 different presenters, followed by a long client dinner.. (ps check out Thomas today - amazing pictures of carnaval in Wally Why CHOO, Argentina.) I arrived late yesterday, and I am leaving early tomorrow. So this will be my third trip to Colombia without seeing Colombia.

So I set this post up in advance to show myself - and you all - what one could do with a free day to explore this city's wonders.. I feel a pinch of regret, but not enough to change to a 7am Sunday flight... : - ) Let's go... Bogotá awaits us!

Above: Intersection of Old Avenue and New Boulevard: The Santamaria Tower, a Bullfighting Stadium, and a Planetarium...

Bogotá vital statistics: founded 1538, metro area population 7-8 million (20% of Colombia), third-higest major world city at 9,300 feet (its motto: '2,600 meters closer to the stars), origin of name: indigenous word for 'planted field'...

Below: Teatro Colon in the Historic District, National Congress

Bogotá's #1 attraction is its Gold Museum - at left are some of its highlights....

The closest I've come to knowing Colombia is living in Jackson Heights for 15 years, and having some very good Colombian friends...

Bogotá is a model of urban planning, and its jewel is the Transmilenio rapid bus system, pictured below... Transmilenio, where glass waiting booths open directly on to the glass doors of the bus, is based on the Curitiba, Brazil model amply chronicled here by my pal Thomas.

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