Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Had A Lust, I Had A Firecracker

This weeks's Song/Video of the Week is 'Firecracker,' by Voxtrot, an a five-man indie pop-rock band from Austin.

Voxtrot's lead singer, Ramesh Srivastava, is of South Asian descent, but looks, sings, and acts 100% American Indie. He has his very own blog called 'The Voxtrot Kid'! He writes only a few times a year but it's usually a long letter...

I had assumed Voxtrot were gay, not only because one single begins 'Stephen, I love you..' (though it's about friends becoming distant I think), but also on a gut feeling - the way they show emotion and vulnerability, how I identify with their geekiness.

It's like a few years back, when Adam Sandler, of all people, recorded a Hannukah song, reciting a litany of celebrities that are Jewish, and probably celebrate the festival of light. He brags and brags: 'Robin Williams, Kirk AND Spock.' But the line I most remember is 'Bruce Springsteen's not, but my Mom THINKS he is' : - )

Here they are at left. Below you can hear and watch them sing. Their lyrics are wonderful. Here's a sampling:


"I had a lust. I had a firecracker
I had a love for the sound of this world
Im still in love its just a stab a laughter
It’s just a mark of the people we are"


" Stephen, I'm watching the world get boring,
there's too much restraint in the mix.
I'd be overly flattered to feel so shattered to,
have something broken and fixed."

Enjoy the great video of 'Firecracker':

..and of 'Stephen'...

Cartoon du Jour:

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