Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Food Journey: The Wizard of Cornwall Bridge

As an 'appetizer' to the food, facts & figures of my business trip to Colombia - fly down today, conference tomorrow, fly back Tuesday. It's a 2,493 mile journey, about the same distance as my family in Phoenix. It'll be my 113th foreign trip, 3rd to Colombia, 37th to South America, and 67th to Latin America.

Like a Ming Dynasty monarch did I eat when I visited the Wiskes two weeks ago, as Paul Wiske dazzled with his kitchen wizardry! Some highlights for your pleasure:

This hearty, piquant thick-noodled meat and dumpling soup was the perfect lunch on a cold, snowy mountain day..

Good food rises from good ingredients...

The main event: sumptuous, tangy, slightly spicy duck, grilled to perfection, served in a circle of savory sauteed shrimp...

Paul's secret weapon - an outdoor grill fired up on the porch, in the arctic air, and smoked with hickory chips...

And here's the master chef in his kitchen:

The duck/shrimp centerpiece was complemented by spicy Chinese vegetables....

and brown rice with minced greens....We finished off the evening with fresh orange wedges...

Cartoon du Jour:

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