Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Food Journey: Into SoWa

Our culinary adventure in Boston is just ahead - first, more birthday party pics... Here, the birthday boys don their 'birthday princess' hats - it took Alex several shots to get all of our eyes open. I'm into Bette Davis territory here...
For the party I wore my 'concert outfit' - black on black. I'm bravely tried to hand-wash this shirt Tuesday. I want it to stay black...

So, In Boston, we celebrated Erik's birthday, trudging through the snow of SoWa (South of Washington) to the Italian eatery known as Rocca: DSC02102 Erik and I both had this savory tuna over an eggplant and olive concoction - a real treat. Yeah, I know, mercury poisoning. Go ahead and spoil my fun. : - ) DSC02110 Only Erik had an appetizer, entree, and this luscious dessert. A tasty pine-nut tart with sweet figs and ice cream... DSC02120 And here's Erik the birthday boy... DSC02117 Rocca has an interesting interior: DSC02104 Cartoon du Jour:

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