Monday, February 04, 2008

Art For Fund Managers

But first, more birthday party photos...

Setting the stage for the party.... I wanted some healthy options, hence the fruit ,veggies, and bottled water....

Background ambience for the party, courtesty of Hanna-Barbera

A week ago I was in Boston to visit five customers, all of them well-known investment management firms on high floors of tall buildings. My eye was fascinated by both the artwork and the views. My camera was in my pocket. So let's see what the Stewards of the World's Wealth see as they scurry about, investing...

This one's awfully homo-erotic for a corporate conference room. It could be an Edward Hopper painting but for the defined body and the modern posture and cut of his clothes. What you see out the window is what some less-affluent Massachusetts towns still look like today!

Boston has its less historic, more post-industrial areas:

Wintry painting for a wintry day:

I love this shot, out the window of LaGuardia airport late in the afternoon:

This is great - an almost cartoon take on Boston's venerable facades:

More on 'Lost': the addition of 'flash-forwards' instead of just 'flash-backs' is a complete game-changer.

First, it's assurance that there'll be answers and that the writers know exactly where they're going. We know some people will get off the island, but we don't know how, exactly who, and why any would want to go back.

Second, I always said having 16 characters flash back to their earlier lives as puzzle pieces both gave you 17 mysteries to solve instead of one, and got you off the island. Flash-forwards take this function to a new level...

Paul Lynde Snappy Answer of the Day:

Q: What two things should you never do in bed?
Lynde: Point and laugh.

Cartoon du Jour:

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