Thursday, February 14, 2008

The 35,000 Foot Critic: 79 Years in 4 Hours

En route to Santo Domingo, I enjoyed an unlikely pair of films on DVD that span 79 years and are very, very loosely linked, thematically, by religion. Way back in 1928, Theodore Dreyer's silent classic "Passion of Joan of Arc" uses facial expressions and expressionistic sets to convey Joan's horror at her impending fate and conflict at whether she should give in and spare herself. Flash forward eight decades to last year's hilarious "The Ten," an outrageous, comedic, and highly creative web of vignettes loosely based on the Ten Commandments, framed by narrator Paul Rudd's own personal female trouble. It was quite a flight!

"Passion of Joan of Arc"

Four Words That Encapsule: "Devout Heroine's Final Frames"

Haiku: (5/7/5)
"Her horrified face,
tormented by dark, dour priests;
her fiery destiny..."

Here's a harrowing clip from "Joan":

"The Ten"

Four Words That Encapsule: "Ensemble Harpoons Numerous Targets"

Haiku: (5/7/5)
"Much outrageous farce;
starting point: Bible tablets
leads to droll vignettes"

Here's the riotously funny trailer for "The Ten":

Cartoon du Jour:

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